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Do you like to play really hard and brutal platform games?
If so, Beefo is for you! Try, die and repeat!!

Be ready to enjoy this jumping and running game! Never miss it!

Beefo is a classic platform game that combines old school gameplay with modern playability.
One day, Beefo finds a power stone and captured it, however the stone does not affiliate a master. The force captured the buffo and can not ne prevented to destroying of Butcherland ruthlessly.
But the circumstance suddenly got out of hand. All creatures he created rebelled against him. Beefo was forced to run away. This is the story of that escape.


• So Much Blood
• Infinite Deaths
• Jump N Run
• Free to play
• Old School feeling
• Great sound effects
• Smooth controls
• Logic challenges
• Global score leaderboard
• Challenge your friends with achievement scores
• Try to "Beefo" using various devices and screen sizes (Phones and Tablets).

If you have any Question, Bug Report or Suggestion please do not hesisate to contact with us. We read every review, so every new idea can be included one day!

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